As an art coach I enjoy working with high school students applying for art schools, colleges and summer programs.  I also coach people who have a strong interest in art and are looking to explore direction for their work. Another group of artists I like to work with are those who have lost their creative spark and are looking to get it back.


Whether it’s building skills through technical help, visioning, presentation prep or more practical help, I coach one-on-one to connect with each person where they’re at. In this way we can explore individual interests and talents, and build confidence.  Harnessing my background in photography, motion graphics, fine art and painting, I encourage different types of artists as they hone their vision and create a standout body of work.

Portfolio preparation for applications is a common reason why a student or parent would contact me.  With portfolio work the process would include: a review art work already created, an exploration of a student’s influences and aesthetic interests, and the building and execution of assignments.  Over 10-12 sessions an individual style, with the polish required for art schools, can be achieved.

For artists seeking direction or looking to re-ignite their creativity I use visualization techniques.

I like to work in the field and offer trips of different lengths to both individuals and groups.

Other services include photographing portfolios, and re-touching and re-sizing work as required, for applications.


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